Who can benefit from using F&BLab?

F&BLab is designed from the ground up for restaurants, bars, owners, chefs, mixologists, food bloggers, and food influencers who need high-quality and engaging content for their marketing, social media, and online presence.

What are the benefits of using F&BLab?

F&BLab is a cost-effective solution for businesses to grow their brand online, with creative inspiration, expertise and support through the content creation process. F&B brands can save time and money on conceptualization and content creation, and expect to see increased engagement on their social media accounts, ultimately leading to greater brand awareness.

How does it work?

After analysing your brand, F&BLab provides monthly content inspiration based on trending social media content around the world. We send simple shooting guides, allowing you to shoot the content in-house, saving on production costs, before uploading to our servers. We edit, add graphics if required, trending audio, and provide captions and hashtags, providing you a finished on-brand video, static image or design for your socials.

What does F&BLab do that other service providers don’t?

F&BLab’s subscription based content model additional services of monthly content plans, branding kits, shooting guides, and trending audio playlists provide clients with a comprehensive and well-rounded approach, ultimately saving them time and resources while elevating their brand’s quality and aesthetic.

What types of videos do you produce and edit?

F&BLab provides various types of videos for restaurants, bars, and content creators, including food and drink videos showcasing the taste and quality of their dishes and beverages, ambiance and atmosphere videos showcasing the restaurant’s decor and vibe, behind-the-scenes videos highlighting the people and processes that go into making the food and drinks, and customer testimonial videos showcasing positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers. These videos aim to create engaging and effective content for social media, attracting new customers and promoting the restaurant’s brand.

Can I request changes to the videos you produce?

Yes, you can request changes to the videos we produce for you. We offer three rounds of revisions per video.

How long does it take for you to produce and edit a video?

The turnaround time for video production depends on the complexity of the video and the availability of clips to be edited. We strive to deliver your videos as quickly as possible.

How do I know that my videos are secure and confidential?

We take your privacy and security seriously and have strict measures in place to protect your videos and information. We use secure cloud storage and encryption to keep your videos safe, and our team signs non-disclosure agreements to ensure confidentiality.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. However, we do not offer refunds for the current contract if you cancel after your billing date.

How can I contact F&BLab customer support?

All communications with F&BLab are handled through our dedicated project management platform, which you will be given access to when you sign up.

What is F&BLab?

F&BLab is a subscription-based content service for restaurants, bars and content creators in the F&B and hospitality space primarily looking to grow their brand.


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